Full Rogue one Releases and Exclusives!

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Following on from the the releases of Jyn Erso and Captain Orson Krennic. Smugglers bounty blog, in case you didn’t know Funko’s bi monthly sub box for Star Wars has released the whole line up for upcoming Rogue One with a few exclusives like funko usually do!

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Jyn Erso has 2 exclusives; Her main outfit with a hood,  which will come exclusively to Hot Topic and another wearing an Imperial outfit which will be available at Target!


Captain Cassian Andor has his own exclusive to Target with a brown jacket variant!

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Other main releases are as posted yesterday of Director Orson Krennic and K-2SO however more include Chirrut Imwe, Baze Malbus and Walmart Exclusive Saw Gerrera!

It wouldnt be Star Wars unless you had Droids, Storm Troopers or Vader.

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Scarif Stormtrooper with Walmart exclusive with a stripe across his chest.

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Imperial Death Trooper with Walmart exclusive chrome variant!

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With C2-B5 droid and two varients finishing up the Rogue one pops! With a “Force Pose” Vader exclusive to Gamestop.

As expected these will be up for release/preorder around about September as noted on Funko’s blog as with most Exclusives, they can find their way over here with other retailers like Pop in A Box, Popcultcha and Forbidden Planet. However, most Walmart exclusives being exclusive to the US retailer, those exclusives may be hard to find!