Funko Fundays Freddy’s 2016!

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So,  in the good old tradition of SDCC. Funko hold their annual Funko Fundays where lucky individuals can pick up the various freddy funko’s and other Funko items at the event. Some are heavily limited in numbers and while most of us cannot attend due to ebay and instagram we’ve been able to see what variants have been released!

In true holy grail style… the ultimate prize at SDCC Fundays 2016 was a limited release of 10 of a golden Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa. Yes,  only 10 of these exist!


The other variants are listed below with a quantity of each available.

Golden Freddy – [24 pcs]

Oompa Loompa –  [400 pcs] and Willy Wonka – [500 pcs]

Bert and Ernie – [400 pcs each]

WWE Sting – [500 pcs]

Kylo Ren – [400 pcs]

4th Doctor – [333 pcs]

Cobra Commander – [400 pcs]

He Man  and Skelator – [400 pcs each]

Charlie Brown – [Yellow 500 pcs] [Red 24 pcs] [Orange 24 pcs]

Vault Boy – [400 pcs]

Fred Flintstone –  [Yellow 24 pcs] [Red 333 pcs] [Blue 24 pcs] [White 24 pcs]

Night King – [400 pcs]

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s-l1600  sting s-l500 

Screenshot_51 Screenshot_53 Screenshot_52

Screenshot_54 Screenshot_55 Screenshot_57

I have tried to get a pic of each Freddy just for reference so some images are grainy etc…