Marvel Collector Corps Spoilers – Ant Man Box

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The Marvel Collector Corps box has started to arrive in the UK and I must say it’s another amazing box. Here I will breakdown and show pictures of everything you get, for what works at roughly £30 shipped to the UK it’s great value for money and future boxes if they carry on this way are a must 
 The Ant Man Style Box  
 Ant-Man Funko Pop Vinyl & Tiny Ant-ManEach Collector Corps Contains Two Ant-Man minis, there are 4 to get in total

Here is a closer look at the minis 


  Collector Corps Ant-Man comic   Ant Man CC Patch
  Ant-Man CC Pin  Ant-Man T-Shirt

So there you have it, excellent value for this box and a lot of people who have missed out seem extremely disappointed they didn’t get one. Already excited for the next box in 2 months time.