Official! NYCC Toy Tokyo Exclusives coming to Europe

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A lot of panic sets in around convention time and I hate to see people overpay, I have just received official word that the following 5 Toy Tokyo Exclusive Pops will be offering to all of Europe. It has been confirmed there will be enough stock of these to offer to all UK/European retailers. So don’t panic as these now look like they will be easy to obtain in European as were the Toy Tokyo pops offered out during SDCC

9746_sg_spaceghost_pop_glam_hires_large 11470_megaman_thunderbeam_glam_hires_large 11471_powerrangers_green_ranger_metallic_glam_hires_large 11495_dc_dnbatman_pop_glam_hires_large 11647_wolfmanglow_pop_nycc_glam_hires_large