The Walking Dead – Mystery Box (16 Slots)

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The Walking Dead – Mystery Box (16 Slots)
£22 (includes Shipping)

The Walking Dead has taken the world by storm, zombies are all the rage thanks to Robert Kirkmans series of best selling comics and the AMC adaption into a massive hit TV show.

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead do not miss out on a chance to get one of these Mystery Boxes priced at the bargain price of just £22 (or £23.50 if paying as goods) Payment will be taken once all 16 slots are filled, please only ask for a slot if you fully intend to pay once the slots have been completed.

Each box will contain the following:

– 1x Funko Walking Dead Mystery Mini
– 1x Walking Dead Chibi
– 1x Walking Dead Print
– A Selection of Sweets
– A couple of surprise items

Will also contain one of the following:

– Chad Coleman Signed Tyreese Pop (With Picture of him signing it enclosed)
– Daryl Dixon’s Chopper Pop Ride
– Walker Merle Wacky Wobbler
– Merle Dixon Wacky Wobbler
– Hot Topic Exclusive Riot Gear Glenn Pop
– Hot Topic Exclusive Carol Pop
– Carol Pop
– Well Walker Pop
– Prison Glenn Pop
– Woodbury Walker Pop
– Penny Pop
– Maggie Pop
– Carl Pop
– Merle Dixon Pop
– Rick Grimes Pop
– Glenn Pop